About House Watch Plus

House Watch Plus serves the greater Las Vegas area.  We provide weekly or bi-weekly services for absentee owners of homes or condos.

Ali Cetin, Owner
(702) 236-6633
House Watch Plus

I am proud to say that HOUSE WATCH PLUS is a family owned business. We provide peace of mind and security to our friends, neighbors, part time residents and vacation owners that their home is being looked after and cared for in their absence.
It is not easy to oversee a property that you have worked very hard to own from a distance. No matter who you ask, friends, neighbors, they can only do so much. Many, many things can go wrong when you are not around.

I am a property owner myself and in the past a few times, I asked my friends to look after my property. Needless to say, I was very disappointed but I could not say anything since they were doing it for me as a favor.

HOUSE WATCH PLUS, will take care of your property like our own. WE work at it full time and visit your home as often as you want.
We are proud to be an accredited member of NHWA and provide our clients the peace of mind that their home is monitored and cared for.

I was in the hospitality industry for over 25 and worked at some of the best resorts. I know the value of taking care of guests/clients. My mission statement has always been “I will give legendary service and build long lasting relationships”. This statement is on line with the code of ethic of NHWA.

My passion is helping people to have less stress about their home and enjoy life. Don’t worry, it’s in good hands.
On my time off, I like to walk, water ski and go fishing. I also like to volunteer my time for charitable events. It’s very fulfilling. I love animals, especially dogs.

House Watch Plus is LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED and NHWA Accredited Home Watch business. At the end of our inspection, you will receive a digital report with a date GPS stamp and property photos to show we were at your property doing our Inspection.