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House Watch Plus

Home Watch Services for Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada

Home watch is visual inspection of a house or property looking for obvious issues.

You should not have to worry about your house when you are away. We will provide professional house watch service. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your house will be inspected as often as you like.


Las Vegas Home Watch Services

House Watch Plus was created when owner Ali Cetin, discovered a need for a service that provides peace-of-mind to homeowners.

He struggled to find someone to watch his home when he would go on vacation or out of town for business. The people that agreed to watch his home were not always reliable and there was poor communication. He was frequently left wondering if his home was being cared for and he was unsure of what was going on during his absence. This quickly led to Ali realizing that there was a need for a business that provided a house watch service that was both reliable and communicative. As a homeowner and neighbor, he had experience caring for not only his own home but also his neighbor’s properties as well. From Ali’s personal experience, he knows how frustrating it can be to not get a hold of the person that is supposed to be caring for your home.

What sets House Watch Plus apart from others is that when you call House Watch Plus you’re calling a direct line to Ali himself -not an answering service or call center.

As a homeowner you don’t want to be getting the runaround or dealing with multiple people. With Home Watch Plus, you are getting personal service and supporting a local small business.

Besides having a direct line to him, he also reaches out to you by providing frequent updates and photos. His track record for being both reliable and dependable comes from knowing the value of peace of mind is priceless. Ali responds immediately to any emergencies because he knows how expensive home damage can be if not addressed in a timely manner. That is why he provides an affordable service that will protect your home and provide you with peace of mind.

Serving Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada

NHWA Accreditation

Insured, Bonded and Accredited by the National Home Watch Association, setting the standard for the Home Watch Industry.